Frequently Asked Questions


    How can I participate in the SwissPrEPared program?
      To participate in the SwissPrEPared program, you can contact one of our study centers and set up a first consultation. Our centers and their contact information are listed under Nearest Centers.
    Who can participate in SwissPrEPared?
      Anyone who is over 16 years old and HIV-negative may participate in SwissPrEPared. You should also be interested in PrEP - but that doesn't mean that you have to take it.
    How much will the participation cost me?
      Study and program participation are voluntary and free of charge. There are costs for medical visits and those can vary between the affiliated centers. Some affiliated centers allow invoices to health insurances. The medication can be acquired for a reduced fare by participants.
    Where do I find the closest SwissPrEPared center?
      Current SwissPrEPared affiliated centers, as well as future centers, are listed under Nearest Centers.
    In what languages is the program offered?
      Currently, we offer the program in German, English, French and Italian. 
    Can trans people also participate in the program?
      Yes, trans people can also participate. 
    Can women participate in the program?
      Yes, women can also participate.


    SwissPrEPared Program / Study

      What is the difference in between the SwissPrEPared program and the study participation? 
        The SwissPrEPared program is inteded to improve medical care for PrEP users and people interested in PrEP. Moreover, the program intends to implement medical guidelines for health care professionals, keep them up to date with the current PrEP science and provide trainings on PrEP. Before each visit PrEP users are asked to answer a questionnaire, so no important information is missed during the counselling session with the health care worker. Participants of the SwissPrEPared program have access to reduced fares for medication. In certain centers clients with low income can apply for financial incentives for clinical follow-up visits. Within the study SwissPrEPared will collect data from the questionnaire to determine the influence of PrEP in Switzerland. The data will be saved anonymously. For the use of this data an informed consent is needed from participants. 



        Do I need to participate in the study in order to receive the discounted medication? 
          No, only a participation in the SwissPrEPared program is necessary to benefit from the discounted medication. 
        How does distribution and payment of the medication work?
          The medication will be sent in a neutral package within 2-3 business days by our entrusted pharmacy. A seperate invoice will be sent by mail within 5 business days. 
        How does PrEP work and where can I find more information?
          You can find more information with under Links.


        Visits & Consultations

          Are clinical follow-up visits paid by health insurance?
            The consultations can be covered by health insurance. In some affiliated centers self-payment is also possible. Medication will not be covered and costs are out of pocket. 
          Who needs to do a clinical follow-up visit?
            Everyone using PrEP should consider clinical visits on a regular base. Also, people who are not using PrEP and have changing sexual partners should consider clinical visits to test for STD's on a regular base.
          How can I postpone clinical follow-up visits or terminate program participation?
            In order to postpone a clinical visit, get in touch with the your center. The corresponding questionnaire can easily be postponed in a link received by SMS. In the same SMS you also have the option to terminate your participation in the program.
          Can I switch to a different center during the course of the study?
            Yes, you can change your center during the course of the study. For more information, contact your current center.
          Do I need to get a clinical follow-up visit every three months in a center?
            For people using the daily PrEP a 3-montly clinical follow-up visit is recommended. If PrEP is not used on a daily base, frequency of clinical follow-up visits can differ and should be discussed directly with your treating physician. 
          Is there financial support for medical consultations for people with lower income?
            Yes, some centers offer financial support programs for people with lower income. For more information, we recommend to ask your center directly.


          New centers

            Will there be more centers in the future?
              New centers, especially in unrepresented cantons and areas, are continually taken into consideration. We will announce it on our homepage when a new SwissPrEPared center has started.
            Can my general practitioner also participate as study affiliated SwissPrEPared center?
              Interested general practitioners and clinics can get in touch with us and apply to become an affiliated center via